SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) – It almost feels like a theme park, except the only theme here is NFL.

And where there’s the Vince Lombardi trophy, there’s 9-year-old Ethan from Sacramento.

“What you going to tell your friends at school?” we asked. “That I was on TV and got to see the NFL Experience,” Ethan said.

Revelers sweated it out on a makeshift field and a virtual one.

“The forty yard dash, we did some drills, we kicked some field goals,” Ethan’s dad said.

The whole point of this NFL Experience is to immerse yourself in everything football.

“You’re there with the team looking around,” Melinda Hoang said.

Melinda didn’t drive from Stockton for just one attraction. From the NFL Zone to the Energy Zone just down the street along the Embarcadero, this city within a city known as Super Bowl City is pumped in all directions.

But beyond an amazing maze of dance-offs and football fun, there’s super-style security.

Snipers keeping watch from hotel rooftops airport-like metal detectors

Special units with M-16s, dogs here to sniff bombs – and those here to play catch.

This city is doing touch-down dances all the way to Super Bowl Sunday.


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