SAN JOSE (CBS13) — Carolina Panthers rookie and former Grant High School star Shaq Thompson is getting his shot on a big stage, playing in Super Bowl 50.

CBS13’s Steve Large brought a surprise guest for Thompson at the media event on Monday—the rookie’s mother via FaceTime.

“Mom, I’m in the Super Bowl hard work, can’t wait to see you Friday, and after the game, but I can’t talk to you right now because we have to take care of business and this is a business trip,” he said.

His mom, Patty, said OK, and she knows the story. Only a few years after graduating from Sacramento’s Grant High School, Shaq Thompson has skyrocketed to success as an NFL starter heading to the Super Bowl.

So what’s been the biggest surprise for him joining the professional ranks?

“It’s a lot of talent,” he said. “There’s a lot of speed on the level.”

Thompson is just 21. He was 4 years old when Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning joined the league.

“He’s a legend,” Thompson said. “When it’s game time he’s just another quarterback.”


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