We all learned the Roman numerals in school, but it seems the only thing they have ever been good for is the Super Bowl.

For 49 years, America;’s biggest game of the year has been numbered with Roman numerals, but this year the Super Bowl title is getting a one-year reprieve from the number system that were invented around 8th Century BC.

Why so? According to Rolling Stone, there are several reasons the NFL ditched the numerals this year, including:

  • Roman numeral for “50” is the letter “L,” which is a letter associated with the NFL’s most hated word – “LOSERS”
  • About a decade ago, the NFL began testing “Super Bowl L” on social media, mobile devices and on merchandise… and it wasn’t pretty
  • “Super Bowl 50” just looks and sounds better…

While you may be off the hook this year, Roman numerals will be back next year for Super Bowl LI… so memorize it while you can to save yourself the energy of Googling it next year!


Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/sports/features/why-the-nfl-ditched-roman-numerals-for-super-bowl-50-20160201#ixzz3ywaNTSjb


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