The NFL has done a great job putting together different activities in the NFL Experience which are suitable for people of all ages.

Kids and adults alike can enjoy certain events together such as the AFC and NFC locker rooms, virtual reality football, and the autograph sessions.

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However, the activities solely for the kids is where the real happiness and smiles are going to be found.

If you are thinking about bringing your youngster to the NFL Experience, here are the three activities you don’t want them to miss:

1. Play 60 Field and Zone

Charge down the field, run through the defense and dive into the end zone! Kids are able to show off their football skills through running, kicking and throwing drills.

Your young one can feel like an NFL superstar in the Play 60 areas.

It doesn’t matter how many times mom or dad claim to be a “kid at heart,” this is truly for young NFL fans in attendance.

The Play 60 Field is located in the South Hall of the Moscone Center, while the Zone is in the North Hall.

Of course, it’s completely free for the kids to play around, once inside of the NFL Experience.

2. Nickelodeon Sports Set

Kids can watch their favorite Nickelodeon personalities record shows live just like the adults get to do with CBS Sports and other media outlets.

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It’s right next to the Play 60 Zone in the North Hall of the Moscone Center.

There is also an eating area near which is perfect for the kids to sit down, watch what’s going on in the Nickelodeon set and refuel.

3. Look Like A Pro Photo Op

Ever wonder what your young one would look like if they were six feet tall with huge muscles and playing for an NFL team?

Well now is your chance.

All 32 of your favorite teams are on display, located at the beginning of the South Hall. Pick one out, stand on the stepping areas and transform into the NFL pro you have always wanted to be.

Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers displays are in Super Bowl City as well, but you will have to stand in quite a long line for your photo opportunity.

In the NFL Experience, the lines are rarely more than two or three people long.

Adults can try this out as well, although it’s definitely made for smaller people to fit in.

– Matt Furtado/CBS Sacramento


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