By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s the father-son bond that’s inspiring the world.

Video of the boy with cerebral palsy skating his way up and down at a Sacramento skate park with his dad’s help is going viral.

A curious look in Atticus Edmunds’ eyes gives away how much he loves action.

The video shows his dad pushing the 8-year-old boy’s wheelchair up and down the ramps. It’s been viewed millions of times and it’s not just inspiring, it’s bringing awareness to why Atticus can’t walk alone.

“It’s so exciting for me, because as his mom—his advocate—my goal is to make room in the world for him and to get people to see him as a kid first and the chair second,” Tresa Edmunds said.

Atticus can also sing, and he’s racked up his share of followers singing Katy Perry songs. But with his latest clip, Edmunds hope Atticus gets more people talking about CP.

“His brain doesn’t talk to his muscles the same way,” she said.

The neurological disorder limits muscle strength and coordination.

Now Atticus has a new skating vocabulary, but when he’s not shredding the ramps, he’s communicating with his heart and his eyes.

And, yes, Edmunds says she’s since gotten him a helmet and special skating gear for her son’s future adventures.