By: Anthony Bertacchi

Peyton Manning is a champion, has numerous passing records and is generally thought of as a football genius. With his future still in the air people now begin to wonder what’s next for him. Will he play next year? Will he retire? What will he do if he retires? If he stays there’s still a $19 million base salary for Manning in 2016.

However, if he does decide to ride off into the metaphorical sunset after winning his second Super Bowl his former general manager, Bill Polian, thinks that Manning would have a great second career as a great general manager.

This coming from Chris Vannini of Polian says:

“I believe he could very quickly fill the role that John Elway fills with the Broncos. The reason I say that is, during our 14 years together in Indianapolis, he would often discuss with me prospects coming out in the draft, SEC players he’d seen, players he’d seen in other parts of the country. He pays close attention to the rosters of the other players in the league, with specific attention to the AFC.”

Polian went on to say that Manning would need a quick tutorial on league rules and the basic guidelines but thinks he could do it.

If you combine the two GM’s Manning has had in his career (Polian and John Elway) it’s a combined eight Super Bowl appearances and two Super Bowl Championships. Simply picking the brains of those two people could help out Manning if he decides to give it a try.

Do you think teams would be willing to give Manning a chance as a GM? Do you think Manning would succeed if he tried to do it?




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