SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) – A PG&E crew came to the rescue recently of a cute baby owl that had fallen from its nest.

On February 2, a crew working on a PG&E gas compressor station on McDonald Island in San Joaquin County noticed a bird on the ground and contacted the company for help. Lindsey Koos, a PG&E biologist, came to the worksite and identified the owl as a great horned owlet, about 3 months old, according to a statement from the company.

An adult owl could be seen nesting nearby in the rafters of the compression station, so they knew where it came from. But since it was late in the day, workers placed the owlet in a box to act as a shelter so it could be rescued the next day.

The following day, workers arrived to find a rabbit foot and tail in the box, proof that the owl’s parents brought it food. A lift truck took Koos and the owl up to its nest where it was left.

January and February are nesting periods for great horned owls, according to PG&E biologist Andi Henke.

“Everybody on the crew is really happy that the owl is OK,” said lead inspector Travis Taylor. “These are very majestic birds. They are just amazing animals.”

It’s a tradition of Taylor’s crew to name each animal that requires them to stop work, and this little owlet was no exception. Its name? “Hoo-lio”.


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