FRESNO (CBS13) – A Central California college’s school newspaper is getting national attention due to a controversial editorial.

The editorial, titled “Donald Trump is going to get us all killed,” was posted on Monday by The Collegian, a student-run newspaper at Fresno State. The editorial argues that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump rise to political prominence is reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

“Trump’s America is the Fourth Reich,” states the editorial’s opening line.

Featured along with the editorial are a couple of graphics featuring the Nazi-slogan “Sieg Heil!” and a Photoshopped image of Trump in fatigues and doing a Hitler salute in front of the White House.

According to the Fresno Bee, the article grabbed so much attention that it crashed The Collegian’s website at one point.

The article was even noticed by Breitbart News, one of the preeminent conservative news websites.

Tuesday, Fresno State reportedly distanced themselves from the publication, noting that the paper is completely independent and not representative of the views of the school.

The Collegian also posted an article to clarify their original article. However, they did not back down from their argument, writing: “Although the words were inflammatory, we fully understand that not every person who supports Trump is a murderer, or any in actuality. But there are extremists out there that will take Trump’s sentiment to a level higher than even he wants.”

Trump, who is fresh off of a convincing win the Nevada caucus, has not commented on the article.



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