By Cambi Brown

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – After battling breast cancer this past year, a Roseville woman learned she had cancer again.

The way the community is now coming together to support her and her business.

Brush stroke by brush stroke, volunteers hope to have 200 of these frames painted.

“Making chalkboards out of frames and then we will sell those chalkboards as the fundraiser,” said Lola Raine said, who is organizing a fundraiser.

It’s all to help Christina Botello-Ramos, the owner of the Blue Vignette.  Her store and livelihood are in danger after she was diagnosed with cancer again.

“I got back from chemo in October and in January they found more cancer.  I was only back for three months,” Botello-Ramos said.

Friends, family and strangers have all gathered to raise money for her. For the past year, her store hasn’t made any money.

“To purchase furniture and paint furniture was nearly impossible,” Botello-Ramos said.

Now she’s hoping she won’t have to do chemotherapy again or she won’t know what will happen to her store.

“It is going to be nearly impossible to do this store if that happens,” Botello-Ramos said. “It’s going to take the community again and a miracle and this chalkboard event is the beginning of that.”

The chalkboards will be available to purchase at the Blue Vignette in Roseville next Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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