By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a heartbreaking story that’s shaken up families in South Sacramento—how a 2-year-old girl was shot in the head in South Sacramento.

Aubrey is fighting for her life after the shooting on Monday where investigators were called in with reports the 2-year-old accidentally shot herself in the head. No gun has been found by investigators.

“My heart dropped and I found her on the ground with blood … I just picked her up, screamed and ran outside,” said her mom Annique Davis.

toddler 1

She didn’t want to show her face on camera and says she has post-traumatic stress. She says she hasn’t been allowed to see Aubrey since she found her lying on the floor in an upstairs bedroom while visiting a friend in South Sacramento on Monday afternoon.

REPORTER: When you put the baby in that room, did you see a gun?

ANNIQUE: I’ve never seen a gun in that room ever. I never knew there was a gun in the house; if I did I wouldn’t have put my daughter in that room, period.

toddler 2

She says she was in the kitchen making food. Her friend Linda was helping, and an older woman named Deborah was in another upstairs bedroom.

REPORTER: When you went to get your baby, did you see a gun?

ANNIQUE: At the moment I didn’t look to see a gun. I just thought to pick my daughter up and I didn’t see anything but blood all over the place.

But questions remain. The gun has never surfaced, raising red flags for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and Aubrey’s father, DeAngelo Mansion.

“Somebody’s not telling the truth and my daughter is here fighting for her life, and I’m feeling the same pain she is,” he said.

DeAngelo Mansion

Mansion is no longer in a relationship with Davis, but he’s angry and frustrated, feeling someone is covering up what really happened.

“Where is the gun?” he said. “Why is the gun missing? If my daughter was able to pick it up then where is it?”

The sheriff’s department says there were two 911 calls made that day. One was by Davis who told the dispatcher her baby was shot. The other was by someone else in the home who said the baby shot herself.

“I’m angry I’m lost I don’t know what to think, just seeing my daughter like that is tearing me up and I’m trying to stay strong for her,” he said.

Two parents are searching for answers while their little girl fights to stay alive.

“I want to know if someone shot her and if someone did why?” Davis said. “And if she shot herself, why someone would hide a gun?

Mansion says he hasn’t been able to reach Davis, and says her neglect is not surprising.

Davis, clearly torn up, says she hasn’t spoken to the other two women in the house since the incident, and has her own questions.


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