By Kurtis Ming

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Comcast said it was embarrassed in 2014 after a tech savvy customer released a clip of his frustrating call with Comcast where a snarky representative just didn’t seem to want to let him cancel service in the long exchange.

“Why don’t you want those services?” the representative was heard asking Ryan Block.

Block answered, “because I’m not interested in your services any longer.”

The rep presses back, “Okay, so you’re not interested in the fastest internet in the country?

“Nope,” Block replied.

Assemblyman Mike Gatto of Los Angeles points out it’s usually pretty simple to sign up for cable or internet service online. However, he says customers often have to suffer through time consuming and frustrating calls to cancel. He drafted a state bill that would require these same companies that let you sign up online, let you cancel online.

“AB 2867 allows Californians to conveniently unsubscribe from a service with a simple click of the mouse,” said Assemblyman Gatto. “It just makes sense, that if you are able to sign up for a service online, you should also be able to cancel it the same way.”


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