FOLSOM (CBS13) — With all the rain we’ve seen this year, many want to know if we’re still in a drought or if we’ll be able to water our lawns this summer.

“I’ve heard things like we’ve had a really bad drought. There’s been water restrictions,” said Jolie Bakken of Folsom.

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“I think it really takes a few years to get out of the drought and build a water table and things like that, so I do consider us still being in a drought,” said Jeff Helder from Folsom.

So are we in a drought or not? We asked the experts.

“In California I think there’s an argument that every year’s drought,” said UC Davis Professor Jay Lund.

Without the promise of rain or an El Niño next year, Lund says we have to act like we are in a drought even if we’re not.

“This year with the big Godzilla El Niño, it was supposed to be very wet here but it turned out to be just average,” he said.

With the rainy season coming to an end, here’s where our water levels stand statewide.

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Southern California had the least amount of rain not even filling Castaic Lake halfway.

Then in central California they saw more rain, but two reservoirs there are at half capacity.

Here in Northern California we’re sitting just right with our reservoirs so full, the state managers have had to release quite a bit of that water.

“Still maintain some empty reservoir space this time of year in case a very large flood comes along,” said Lund.

Since we have to share our water with Southern California, the state won’t likely lift the water restrictions completely, but Lund believes it will get better.

“Sort of the beginning to the end of the drought or if next year we’re dry, it will just be a relatively happy interlude,” Lund said.

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The state will make a decision in the next couple of weeks on what those water restrictions will be.