DAVIS (CBS13) — Davis residents are being warned to keep an eye out after a burglar crime spree where thieves simply kick in doors.

Police say a half-dozen homes have been targeted by burglars who look for signs someone’s not home, then kick the door in.

It’s the little things that can lead to big losses; newspapers and mail left out for days, porch lights left on all day and night, and inferior locks not keeping criminals out.

“We believe the suspects are targeting house when the victims are away,” said Davis Lt. Thomas Waltz.

In March, he says six families returning home from vacation are finding precious valuables are gone. The suspects aren’t prying windows.

“A door kick is when individuals realizes no one is home and just kicks the door in,” he said.

Nobody has been caught yet.

Steve Wallace with Wallace Safe and Lock in Yolo County says there are things you can do to discourage burglar door kicks, such as replacing short standard screws in deadbolts with longer ones.

Police say door kick burglars will also ransack homes looking for guns.

Officers are suggesting getting safe that bolt to the floor to make it harder for criminals to get your valuables.


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