STOCKTON (CBS13) – The Stockton Police Department officer involved in an alleged case of retaliation is no longer with the force.

Joe Silva with Stockton Police confirms Officer Aaron Adams is no longer employed by the department, but could not say if it was because of the incident.

Back in December, Stockton resident Motecuzoma Sanchez claimed that an officer went onto his private property in the middle of the night and ticketed his car. Sanchez says he believes it was in retaliation to a Facebook post he made that was critical of the police department.

“I believe I was targeted and that this was a veiled threat sending me a message that they could find me and they were retaliating for a debate I had the day before on Facebook,” Sanchez said in December.

Sanchez filed a harassment complaint against the department.

Adams was placed on paid administrative leave in January after the incident. The department had said that the allegations were being investigated by their professional standards section.


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