By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Using a fresh coat of paint to cover up old problems and perceptions, the Del Paso Boulevard Partnership is hoping to clean up its image.

Organizers say they are trying to change the perception of crime and poverty to one of prosperity.

It’s been decades since the stretch of weather-weary walls on Del Paso Boulevard has seen a fresh coat of paint.

A group of nonprofit volunteers, including Rick Eaton with the Sierra Service Project, say they’re rebranding the neighborhood block by block in hopes of resurrecting yesteryear.

“This was once a thriving business district. This was the main thoroughfare going from here up to Auburn and up to Reno back before the freeways were built,” he said.

But changing its image is going to be tough. There’s a ton of work to do, and they want it done well before the fall.

“Because all of the people going down to the arena are going to come down through here,” said business owner Patty Wyluda.

And they’re trying to move away from a neighborhood name they say is hurting their image. Del Paso heights is one of the most crime- and poverty-ridden communities in the city. Volunteers say they want to make it clear they are in Old North Sac, even though Del Paso Heights is just blocks away.

The nonprofits are hoping to make Del Paso Boulevard profitable again.

“Efforts like build a block are just going to make it a more attractive place to live and to work,” Eaton said.


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