Violent Attack By Transient Yard Worker Prompts Sacramento Police Warning

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A young woman says she was brutally attacked by the man her neighbor hired to do yard work.

Police are warning against hiring service workers off the streets after they say the victim was assaulted by a transient hired for the day.

The young woman was able to fight off the man’s brazen attack, but police say he ran back to the neighbor’s house.

“He was saying, ‘I’ll do it for free’—that should have been my first clue,” said Karen Wright.

She had her suspicions about the man, but hired him anyway to mow the lawn and wash windows for $20.

“I met him through a neighbor, and he was just coming through the neighborhood; just hired him,” she said.

She never thought a day hire could turn into a nightmare.

Jan Buchanan says it was a normal afternoon until she saw the neighbor’s yard worker jump the fence next door.

“I heard her yelling at somebody—’What are you doing in my yard? Get out of my yard,’” she said.

The victim, a young woman in her 30s gardening out back, was able to get on the phone with 911 right away, but he grabbed it from her and pushed her into the kitchen. He allegedly slammed her down, choked her and tried stabbing her with a dirty syringe.

She managed to fight him off and even jumped the fence to get to the neighbor’s house where she they comforted her.

Orlando Martin was arrested on suspicion of burglary, assault and a probation violation.

Sacramento Police officer Matthew McPhail cautions people against hiring workers off the street.

“There’s a variety of services out there that do background checks or provide reviews,” he said.

Police believe it’s an isolated incident, but adds you always run the risk of something like this happening if you’re not careful who you hire.

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