SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento woman who was certain she found her stolen bike on Craigslist worked with sheriff’s deputies to set up a sting.

Hannah Russell pretended to be a buyer of her own stolen bike with the help of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. She saw her stolen high-end road bike for sale on Craigslist.

She later went to the seller’s Sacramento home with her husband to take a closer look.

Her husband was suspicious. They contacted authorities and the sheriffs department agreed to help set up a sting.

“The plan was I was going to go back say I do want to purchase the bike but can I ride it one more time they parked around the corner,” she said.

The seller told CBS13 he was handcuffed but not arrested and that he bought the bike himself. He says he’s working with investigators to find out what happened.

Hannah is happy to be reunited with her bike though a few things have been altered.

“They had rewrapped the handlebars with blue funky tape and put a different water bottle holder on it,” she said.


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