SACRAMENTO – Lush green lawns could be making a comeback. While Governor Jerry Brown issued mandatory restrictions on how you use water, the state board may decide to let you use more.

The wet winter and spring have turned the grass and filled up our reservoirs, but the days of using as much water as we want have been long gone.

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“I never did water it every day, it was like every other day,” said Allen Elston in reference to watering his lawn in Sacramento. He said now, it’s once a week.

With the recent years of restrictions, many Californian’s are used to the cuts.

“I think he’s right in keeping the restrictions at least until we get more than one year of decent rain,” said Elston.

But in light of all the rain, Governor Brown has recommended changes to drought rules, allowing communities around the state to relax the restrictions based on the water usage that’s available.

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Right now, cities must conserve from 25 percent to as high as 36 percent. Soon there may be no restrictions at all in some areas.

While some people are looking forward to the greener grass, others say it’s only right to share what we get.

“It wouldn’t be fair to the other people who can’t have greener grass and they drive up to my neighborhood has green grass while I have brown grass,” said Daniel Hernandez who lives in South Sacramento.

But there are some rules that won’t change and will carry stiff fines.

These water saving requirements include:

  • Not allowing any water run off when watering your lawn.
  • Using only a hose outside equipped with a shut off nozzle.
  • No more washing your driveways.
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While there are mandatory restrictions on how you can use water, the state water board will still revise the plan of just how much water you can use and make a decision within the next few weeks.