2015 NBA Finals - Game OneThe NBA defending champs took care of business and finished out the Portland Trailblazers in 5 games, all while Washington Nationals pitcher Max Scherzer struck out 20 in a win vs his old team the Detroit Tigers. Dave, Kayte and Nate break down the night in sports and give their thoughts on where the Warriors may be weak and right for the picking. All that and more, on the all new morning show, The Drive heard only on Sports 1140 KHTK! Daily 6-9 AM

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In hour 2, the all time hit king, Charlie Hustle himself Pete Rose joined the show and spoke about today’s stars and where they rank in his mind in history. Plus, LISTEN TO DAVE REFER TO PETE AS THE “HOME RUN KING”. All that and more, on the all new morning show, The Drive heard only on Sports 1140 KHTK! Daily 6-9 AM

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With the Golden State Warriors closing out the Trailblazers and looking to defend their crown, Dave, Kayte and Nate want to know who would you rather see win the championship other then the Warriors.That plus more, on the all new morning show, The Drive heard only on Sports 1140 KHTK! Daily 6-9 AM

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