ROCKLIN (CBS13) — There’s nothing like home sweet home. Especially After being lost in the woods for three days, Cody Michael’s trusted pal Bauer is all about rest and relaxation.

“He was probably thinking when are you taking me home,” Cody said as he recounted the time back in the high Sierra.

That’s because the adventures of Cody and Bauer should’ve only lasted a day.

While Bauer had boots and was well prepared, by day two they were lost with no food and the fun and games were over.

“The terrain changes so there are some things that he’s 10 times better at doing that I am, but when there’s trees that that he can’t jump that high or I got to pull him up over rock, he can’t do that stuff he doesn’t have hands he can’t climb,” Cody said.

So Bauer quit and Cody said that’s why he decided to set up camp and wait for help. Sure enough it came and the two were rescued.

In less than 24 hours, the two were out of the woods, checked in and out of the hospital, and thrown a welcome home party.

Bauer has become an insta celeb. Posing for selfies and blowing up on social media.

Meanwhile, Cody said he’s not comfortable being in the spot light and can’t believe this ever happened.

“This situation definitely won’t happen again,” he said.

Once Bauer is back to his old self, Cody said he’s probably going to love his celebrity dog status, toss the boots, and stay out of the woods for good, or at least for now.


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