By Ron Jones

LOCKEFORD (CBS13) — A business owner held at gunpoint turned the tables on two armed robbers in his store.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department says it happened in broad daylight on Highway 88 in Lockeford.

Mohammed Siddique says he’s owned this gas station since 2007, and this has never happened to him before. But he says he was still ready for the would-be robbers.

As he was wrapping up his shift on May 16, he took a break and sat down at the register.

“I was sitting here and they came in there,” he said.

That’s when he says the man and woman in the store surveillance video walked in and immediately started making threats and demanding cash. Both suspects were armed.

“This woman had the gun and this guy had the knife,” he said.

He backed away from the couple with a plan in mind—he quickly reached for a nearby golf club.

Surveillance video shows the suspects sprinting to their car. Siddique was right behind them, hoping to get their license plate.

He called police, who are still looking for the suspects.

Siddique says fear wasn’t an issue.

“I’m not afraid of these guys,” he said.

Whatever weapons they had, his plan was to take them both out with one stroke.

“Yeah, I kill them,” he said.


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