By Steve Large

VALLEJO (CBS13) — A bizarre kidnapping case that Vallejo Police first called a hoax is taking another surprising turn as the victims believe more kidnappers could be going free as the lone defendant gets a deal they say covers up missteps in the investigation.

Aaron Quinn’s attorney Dan Russo is livid.

“My guy feels like he died and went to hell,” he said. “It’s too much time; it’s been a year since the crime.”

Russo says his client was tied up and drugged in a Vallejo home invasion before his girlfriend Denise Huskins was kidnapped, raped and held captive for days.

Now, despite the long list of allegations, he says his client still isn’t getting justice.

“My client is not even a named victim,” he said.

The case in federal court only charges a lone defendant Matthew Muller with a single count of kidnapping Huskins, carrying a sentence of 23 years.

“It’s a sweetheart deal,” Russo said.

He believes the feds are seeking a plea deal so that details inside the problem investigation, including Vallejo police initially calling the case a hoax, aren’t made public in the federal trial.

“It’s going to bring embarrassment to the government,” he said.

He’s sent a letter, and with Huskins and Quinn met the DA, pressing for more charges at the state level.

Included in the letter–a line that Quinn and Huskins believe Muller didn’t act alone: “The couple are still fearful that there are other kidnappers remaining at large.”

“And that should alarm everybody,” Russo said.

Russo says the the evidence against Muller alone is overwhelming and could easily lead to a lifetime sentence if he was charged with more than a single count of kidnapping in any court.

“You gotta scratch your head and say we what do they need?” he said. “So they need Dorothy to fly down and show them the yellow brick road? Or can they do this on their own?”


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