by Russell Preston, KHTK Sacramento

Since the NHL expansion in 1991, the San Jose Sharks logo has become a sports icon. The fiercest predator in the sea jumping through a triangle chomping down on a weak, wooden hockey stick just looks awesome.


But where did the stick come from? Surely the stick wasn’t the shark’s, otherwise it just ruined it’s chance to play hockey with functioning equipment. That means the stick must be of an opponent of the sharks. But who?

Well, let’s take a gander at the Sharks’ current opponent, the Pittsburgh Penguins and their logo:


Oh, look. A hockey stick. And another triangle… Could it be?

The theory escalated when Reddit user DylanCasano made a plausible explanation for the Sharks logo in GIF form:

In the wild, sharks have been known to devour penguins off the coast of South Africa, so the theory holds up. Hopefully if this GIF is any indication of the rest of this Stanley Cup finals, the Sharks are in good shape.


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