SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – There will be a new captain at the helm of the ship that is the City of Sacramento: former California Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

He claimed 59 percent of the vote compared to Councilwoman Angelique Ashby’s 26 percent.

In order to win outright, a candidate needed 50 percent plus one. Steinberg easily got that.

Steinberg thanked his supporters at his watch party late into the night Tuesday.

Wednesday morning, Steinberg said he’s looking forward to tackling all the issues he’s championed during this race.

“I think you can expect that what you see with me over 20 years is what you’re going to get,” Steinberg said. “I do believe that the role of the big city mayor is to grow the economy, but then we need to connect the dots and what I mean by that is … we need to invest that in our youth and we need to combat this homeless problem.”

Steinberg also came out on top when it came to campaign spending, burning more money than any other Sacramento mayoral candidate ever. He outspent challenger Ashby 5 to 1.

While he says the resources invested may have helped a little, he insists it was his strong ground campaign that brought home the victory.

As for what’s immediately next for the mayor-elect?

With no runoff in November, Steinberg says he hopes to take a bit of a breather before taking on his official duties as mayor in about six months.

Ashby conceded in a series of tweets Wednesday morning.


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