SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Sacramento County leaders are prepared to pour millions of dollars into Sacramento International Airport.

As the number of people flying out of the airport takes off, efforts are underway to improve the time the spend on the ground.

Airport officials says the 18-year-old Terminal A is showing signs of old age. Earlier this year, the public art carpeting on the bridgeway had to be replaced because it was worn down.

First up will be spending $5 million on new chairs in the boarding area. The airport says the seats like modern amenities like charging stations.

The airport also plans on spending $3 million this year fixing up space used by the airlines and a new lounge near the gates. Another $5 million will renovate the jetways that passengers use to board planes and a half-million on the ground level near Starbucks.

Airport officials say the money has to come from their operations and it’s not taxpayer dollars.

In all, nearly $300 million in improvements are planned over the next five years at a time when the airport is finally on track to recover from the recession.


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