SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Head down to your favorite barber shop or salon and grab a drink? It may soon be possible in California to get your hair cut or colored while drinking a glass of wine or beer.

Some like the idea, while others say it’s not wise to mix a beauty salon with booze.

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Jennifer Mendoza wants her customers to have a relaxing experience when they come to her hair salon.

“Some of my clients it’s a way to get away from the family and have their ‘me’ time,” said Mendoza, who owns Hair Revolution salon in Sacramento.

She supports the new bill which would allow beauty salons and barber shops to offer their clients free alcoholic drinks while they wait.

“When you get your hair done it’s more of a pampering yourself kind of day,” Mendoza said.

Currently, it’s illegal in California for those businesses to serve beer and wine without a license. Many business owners and customers support the proposed change.

“It’s definitely a good way to show your customers you appreciate them, and they can come in and enjoy a service as well as relax,” said Nick Finks from Supreme Barber Lounge.

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But opponents say it would add thousands of new businesses serving alcohol without any oversight.

“What’s the enforcement going to be? What’s the monitoring? There is none,” said Bruce Lee Livingston, executive director of Alcohol Justice.

And they’re concerned it will make it easier for minors to get booze.

“This is 40,000 new places in neighborhoods throughout the state where alcohol will be poured,” Livingston said.

But Mendoza just wants to do all she can to make her customers comfortable.

“If it was legalized, I would defiantly be onboard,” she said.

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Some beauty salons have been caught serving alcohol, which is currently a misdemeanor and carries a $250 fine.