By Angela Musallam

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Representatives from around the City of Sacramento pleaded for the community to unite and spread peace on Thursday.

”Many people come here to articulate different views and it’s important people have the ability to do so but violence is not the answer to addressing those issues”, says Dr. Richard Pan, a Senator for Sacramento’s 6th District.

The message was part of a unity conference held in response to the anti-gay comments made by a Sacramento pastor in May, and Sunday’s violent brawl at the Capitol.

Mayor Elect Darryl Steinberg also weighed in on the recent events that have put Sacramento in a negative spotlight.

Steinberg says “what happened here on Sunday is the opposite of what Sacramento is about.”

Cathy Creswell attended the unity conference Thursday, and learned about the brawl through a national news outlet.

She says this gathering for unity is the first step in eliminating hate and prejudice.

Creswell has become a bigger advocate for peace since the Orlando attacks.

The Interfaith Council and the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, among almost a dozen other local organizations asked citizens to not just be more compassionate, but to also have the courage to speak up the next time they come face-to-face with voices of hate.

”We can come together but it takes work and it takes planning, and it takes overlooking what we think are flaws in other people, but they are just differences.”


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