DAVIS (CBS13) — Veterinarians are warning to keep an eye on your four-legged friends as Fourth of July celebrations are known to strike fear into the hearts of family pets.

Little Luis and his buddies at the Davis dog park love treats, but they hate loud and unpredictable explosions.

UC Davis veterinary behaviorist Liz Stelow says the Fourth of July is a problem every year. The loud noises can be very nerve racking for pets’ sensitive hearing.

“Fireworks are among the worst,” she said. “It’s a really scary time for them.”

She suggests keeping them indoors, if possible.

“Ideally an internal space. So a bathroom without windows is perfect and if that’s not available at least make sure the blinds and curtains are closed so the flashing lights doesn’t indicate sounds coming,” she said.

Background noise is also important to set a higher sound floor to reduce the shock from loud fireworks.

“Music in the background is also nice so when the fireworks inevitable come the dog is not aware of it and Ideally stay with the dog,” she said.

The signs are clear if your dog is struggling with the Fourth of July.

You will see signs of anxiety that can be as mild as panting, pacing, whining or you could see full-blown panic. Dogs have jumped out of second story windows. Dogs have broken out of their owner’s cars,” she said.


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