By Ron Jones

STOCKTON (CBS13) — Hundreds of pounds of illegal fireworks were confiscated in Stockton over the holiday weekend.

Stockton Police say the huge cache of rockets and small explosives is the result of its illegal fireworks task force investigation.

“We received calls from all over Stockton,” said spokesman Joe Silva. “Because of these callers are tipsters we confiscated approximately 800 pounds of illegal fireworks.”

Dozens of misdemeanor citations were issued. Silva says most of the fireworks were from the central part of Stockton in Weston Ranch. When officers arrived to investigate, he says the people scattered.

“As soon as they saw the black and white patrol cars coming in, they took off running,” he said.

No arrests were made in that case, but officers believe they prevented a possible disaster.

Fire officials say the illegal fireworks are known to explode and fly through the air, causing dry brush and structures to catch fire. State-approved safe-and-sane fireworks are considered safer.

“We’re fortunate that a big fire wasn’t caused,” Silva said.

A family in South Sacramento was displaced from their home after the safe-and-sane fireworks they used were disposed without making sure they were out properly


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