SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It was caught on camera, frightened, lost, and confused. A deer went right at Caltrans workers in a parking lot in Midtown.

A CBS13 news crew just happened to be in the area when the deer dashed through a busy Midtown Sacramento business district.

The deer was dashing through busy 34th and S streets.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Arrah Splalin, a Sacramento resident.

It caught neighbors and business owners by surprise.

“Gee! What’s he doing here?” she asked.

Splalin was walking out of her driveway and couldn’t believe it.

“The deer must have run for a long time before it got to this point,” said Sara Burke, a Sacramento resident.

Sara and her little buddy Charlie were out for a morning stroll and were shocked to see the deer running right at them.

“I heard the hooves hitting the ground and I thought that is the strangest sound coming up behind me and didn’t really know what to think of it,” said Burke.

Neither did we so we kept a safe distance.

He ran into a construction yard and right into the path of Caltrans workers and men on forklifts. The little guy was confused.

“And I don’t know where he went to after that,” said Splalin.

For a second we didn’t either.

The deer eventually got out of the Caltrans parking lot and disappeared back into the busy morning traffic.

“Hopefully he finds a nice shady spot to sit down because it’s starting to get warm,” said Burke.

It’s unknown where the deer went. We reported the incident to state fish and wildlife officials.


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