SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – New documents reveal information about the police reports filed after the fight between neo-Nazis and counter-protesters on capitol grounds last week.

According to the documents, not only have there been no arrests, but those people who were injured aren’t seeking much justice. No police reports were filed with the California Highway Patrol.

Credit: CBS13

Sacramento police say three people were hurt in their jurisdiction, two of whom didn’t cooperate with police. A third is a local media member who filed the only report.

The fight began during a planned rally by the Traditionalist Workers Party, a neo-Nazi group. Dozens of anti-fascist counter-protesters showed up to stop the rally by “any means necessary”.

Seven people were stabbed. Two of them had to be taken to the hospital.

“Everything was going pretty good until, pretty much until they came,” said the man who asked we do not use his name for fear of relation.

The “They” he’s referring to is the Traditionalist Worker Party, a neo-Nazi group.

“Got contact with them I instantly got stabbed five times,” he said.


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