By Steve Large

VALLEJO (CBS13) — Vallejo Police are offering explanations for the first time since being sued for defamation by victims in a wild kidnapping-ransom case.

Police initially called it a hoax, until a suspect was arrested.

Now inside the new court documents Vallejo detective and lead investigator Mathew Mustard, describes his disbelief that the reported kidnapping was real.

Mustard’s statement reads, “I was skeptical of Mr. Quinn’s story, because of its outlandish nature.”

Mustard described feeling Aaron Quinn’s report was “implausible” that men ”wearing scuba gear” would break into a home “with headphones, soothing music, and pre-recorded music,” that they “would drug their victims and check their blood pressure” so that they could abduct Quinn’s girlfriend, and that after going to those lengths, “would demand such a small ransom.”

And when Quinn’s girlfriend Denise Huskins turned up in Huntington Beach the Vallejo police say they were further stunned.
Supervising Captain James O’Connell stating, “she also did not act like a kidnapping victim. For example she did not want to speak with police.”

Vallejo Police publicly accused the pair of misusing police resources, before the FBI found and arrested Mathew Muller for the crime.

Now these new police sworn statements are seeking to sway a judge to dismiss the defamation lawsuit Huskins and Quinn have filed against them.

Their attorney is firing back.

“It’s just outrageous that officers would go out and continue to attack the victim yet another time after all that Aaron and Denise have been through,” attorney Kevin Clune said.


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