By Kurtis Ming

LIVINGSTON (CBS13) — Caught driving a bus when he was barred for doing so, CBS13 has learned a clerical error kept the California DMV from taking further action against Mario Vasquez’s driver’s license.

California DMV records show Vasquez had a serious traffic violation, which prevented him from driving a commercial vehicle from January 24. 2015 to March 24, 2015. CBS13 uncovered he was caught during a routine inspection in Oregon on February, 5, 2015 driving the same bus, involved in Tuesday’s accident that killed four. Vasquez pleaded no contest and paid a $260 fine.

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When CBS13 questioned the California DMV why Vasquez did not face further discipline for violating his suspension, the DMV pointed the finger to Oregon.

“The conviction information Oregon provided to CA does not reflect the offense involved a commercial vehicle,” said Jaime Garza, DMV Spokesperson. “The violation acquired on 02-05-15, and as reported by Oregon, was assessed a zero point count value…Therefore, using the information provided by the state of Oregon, the citation did not trigger any further action against the driving privilege.”

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CBS13 then confirmed with the Oregon DMV that either the officer or the courts there, made a clerical error and did not note he was driving a commercial vehicle.

When we asked why the California DMV why it didn’t take action regardless of how it was reported by Oregon, the DMV’s response, “Not all offenses result in commercial disqualifications. There are specific offenses, as in this case, that must occur in a commercial vehicle and there are others where the offense does not have to occur in a commercial vehicle in order to generate a disqualification.”

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The California D-M-V claims if it was reported accurately, Vasquez would’ve been banned from driving a bus for an additional four months. CBS13 also learned Vasquez got a speeding ticket while driving a commercial vehicle in Washington State last year, which could’ve resulted in even more action against his license.