KINGSBURG (CBS13) – Some teachers in Fresno County are starting off the school year armed with guns.

Kingsburg High School is allowing up to five staff members to have guns on campus.

The school district passed that rule in April, but the guns have to be concealed – and students don’t know which teachers have weapons.

The idea came from the superintendent, who says the school must be able to respond quickly if something dangerous happens.

“We are not trying to take the place of law enforcement officials, who spent hours upon hours training for these type of situations,” said Superintendent Randy Morris. “All we are trying to do is provide an opportunity to limit or eliminate potential casualties during that response time.”

The armed staff members have concealed carry permits and must undergo fire arms training and evaluation.

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  1. Tim LaBard says:

    Great idea. Safe students. Whiny liberals not knowing who to try to shame! Awesome!

  2. As I understand it, this “packing heat” option has been available to ALL Utah public school and college staff for over a dozen years. The resulting carnage has been unimaginable. Unimaginable in that there has been to date not a SINGLE firearm incident in any of the schools.

    Here’s an excellent WS JOURNAL article castigating “gun free zones” that includes this Utah option.

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