RIO LINDA (CBS13) — Homemade spike strips that someone is apparently setting down on streets in Rio Linda have neighbors on edge.

Rebecca Cothran had to replace one of her truck’s back tires twice in the last week after she found nails in them. Later, she noticed one of those strange-looking spike strips nearby and realized she was a victim. And not the only one. When she went to the community website, Rio Linda Online, she found out about five other incidents in which people reported getting their tires damaged by similar devices.

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“I don’t know if it’s a kid playing a prank or if somebody’s upset and being malicious,” she says.

Residents have been reporting finding the crude-looking strips on the roads around Q and West 2nd Street and West U and Elwyn Avenue. Photos on Rio Linda Online’s Facebook page show what Cothran says damaged her tires.

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“A piece of plastic about 4 to 5 inches long and it had nails going in every direction through it,” she says.

Longtime resident Doug Trievess thinks whoever made the devices is trying to make a point.

“A lot of people drive way too fast out here in Rio Linda. Lots of stop signs get ran all the time,” says Trievess. “It could be somebody’s trying to send a message: slow down.”

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Sgt. Adam Bragg with the Fulton-El Camino Park District says local law enforcement has been retweeting what Rio Linda Online has been posting on Twitter to get the word out about the spike strips in the community.