Love him or hate him, Tim Tebow has been a polarizing figure since the moment he stepped on an NFL field.

His NFL playing career paled in comparison to his Heisman Trophy-winning college career. However, we all know a great college player does not necessarily make a great professional player, no matter what sport we’re talking about.

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Heck, it doesn’t even make a decent pro player.

The news that Tim Tebow had decided to try his hand at pro baseball just reignited this love/hate relationship with Tebow. No one thought it would amount to much other than a washed up athlete not knowing when to hang it up. And to a certain degree I can’t fault anyone for that. It’s hard. I’ve been there.

Yet here we are, the New York Mets have signed Tebow to a contract with their team in the Instructional League. What that heck is that though? It’s not their minor league team. It seems the equivalent of an AAU C team where everyone gets to play and experience the fun of “developing” your game but will never play for the elite squad whether they know it or not.

But hey, it’s a path to the majors…kind of. It’s a team giving him a chance because he is a major sports celebrity (if you’re in that camp) but that also means he cannot fully commit his time to develop his game due to his prior commitments as an ESPN broadcaster.

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Here’s a fun fact though! He’s already selling signed bats and balls on his website.

If Tebow wants to play baseball, fine. I don’t care. If he wants to run for President of the United States, do it.

My thing is, if you’re going to do something…THEN DO IT FULLY.

If you’re going to take a spot away from some other guy that wants nothing more than to become a pro baseball player, then commit yourself and your time 100 percent. The likeliness of Tebow, or that guy whose spot he is taking, actually getting to the big leagues is slim to none. I get that.

Many people are tired of a washed up short-lived NFL player dominating their sports headlines years after he was supposed to, maybe be relevant. They want him to go away.

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Me, personally, I don’t care. But if you’re given a rare opportunity to do something thousands of other guys would covet, don’t squander it.