By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) – Changes could be coming to food trucks in Sacramento County. The Environmental Management Department is looking to make inspection results for visible for customers.

“I think it’s just going to make the average consumer feel a little bit better,” said Chris Allen, who works at Smokin’ Wild BBQ food truck.

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Right now, food trucks are not required to display the green, yellow or red placards with results of a health inspection. But on Tuesday, that could change with a new proposal on the table.

“Right now, we’ve got no way of showing how often we get inspected and the things that show up that way,” Allen said. “Except for, I guess, you can go to the county and you could say ‘hey let me see the records.’”

But the county requires all food vendors to carry their last inspection report on board and customers have to right to ask for it.

“I have never had anyone ask, no,” said Juanita Jennette with Local Kind Shaved Ice. “I don’t think it really hurts business, I don’t think it helps business.”

Sacramento County Environmental Management Department conducts two inspections per year for each mobile vendor. But now they want all food trucks within county boundaries to display the inspection results with the placards.

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“If they did have them and it said ‘fail,’ then I would probably stay away,” said Gail Miller.

George Azar with La Mex Taqueria said some vendors were concerned about mandatory placards taking up physical space and time away from customers.

“I mean, obviously when you hear placards you think maybe they’re coming at us again with something crazy,” Azar said.

But he is pleased that the county has worked with vendors to make the inspection process go smoother.

“As long as you have everything ready to go, they treat you real well,” Azar said.

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Sacramento County will decide on Tuesday whether or not to move forward with enforcing the placards. If they do, the placards should go up in January.