SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – California Gov. Jerry Brown is approving legislation decriminalizing prostitution for minors and taking other steps to make life after human trafficking easier for those forced into it.

The Democratic governor announced Monday he signed SB1322 to ban police from charging people under the age of 18 with prostitution.

He also signed bills allowing people to defend themselves against additional criminal charges or records if they were coerced to commit an offense as a human trafficking victim.

Others will raise the age from 13 to 15 that kids can testify outside a courtroom in human trafficking cases, protect victims’ names from disclosure and mandate they have access to county services.

In vetoing financial assistance for sex-crime victims, Brown says the state budget includes $19 million next year for similar services.


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Comments (6)
  1. fiftyville says:

    So how are the police supposed to get them out of the trade now?

  2. poopaloop says:

    If it is not a crime guess who is going to be victimized even more. This is going to make things worse.

  3. Jack says:

    “It’s going to make life easier.” Famous last words. It’s always the same. Sell a outrageous piece of legislation by cloaking it in feel-good words. No one should fall for this.

  4. WEREFEAT045 says:

    NAMBLA. Straight out of the Talmud.

  5. Requiem Solemnus says:

    Trump Supporters:

    Kindly read the article again. Cynicism is not a replacement for intellectual discernment.

    The AP report leaves clear the intent of police to investigate the coercion of minors into prostitution without giving them the easy out of simply charging the minors with prostitution and carting them off to jail.

  6. Jeff Douglas says:

    This looks like one of the elements for making pedophilia legal is now in place. Now the under-agers can’t be charged and the only repercussions they have to worry about are being snuffed, physically abused beyond sex acts, and pimped, among other things.

    Requiem Solemnus seems to be under the impression that police are actually going to invest time investigating pimping. There isn’t any money in that, except for when the pimp snags someone that they can blackmail…I wonder how many cops are johns with these under-agers. The whole sex-ring scandal in Rotterham, England comes to mind. Cops and politicians were all using those child prostitutes.

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