DAVIS (CBS13) – Police in Davis are warning people about a suspicious person who they say impersonated an Uber driver and demanded a kiss as payment.

It’s not clear if the disturbing driver was an actual Uber employee or not.

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Students at UC Davis on alert for a menacing man.

“After reading that I was like oh I’ll definitely be more couscous now,” said Emma Gore, a student at UC Davis.

According to a report, three women got in the back of what they thought was their Uber driver’s car around 1:00 a.m. Sunday.

“He drops off the first two at the residence and then goes on to drop off the third,” said Andy Fell, with UC Davis communications.

The doors were locked when they got to the third woman’s stop.

“The driver demands a kiss in payment for the fare,” said Fell.

It wasn’t until a parking enforcement vehicle drove by and spooked the driver. Fell said that’s when he unlocked the doors and the woman went to her apartment.

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“We want people to be aware of this suspicious behavior,” said Fell.

Students are now taking precautions.

“Try to stick with a friend at least one other person that you trust,” said Allie Tsugi, a UC Davis student.

Most ride-share services like Uber or Lyft include vital driver information in the app. There is usually identifying stickers on the car as well.

“There is like a rating so we usually try to get someone who is higher than a 4.5,” said Gore.

And while the services can be convenient, university officials are stressing safety.

“If there are other incidents like this, we’d like to hear about them,” said Fell.

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Police say the man was driving a dark-colored four-door car.