By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS 13) – Three months after the death of Joseph Mann, his family’s attorney is calling for federal prosecution of the officers involved in the incident.

“This is a sad day for my family, this is a sad day for America, that we got police with this type of mindset that come out here on the scene and their whole mindset is to kill,” said Mann’s brother, Robert Mann.

According to an audio enhancement performed by the Sacramento Bee and the Sacramento News and Review, you can hear the officers discussing what they plan to do as they approach Joseph Mann in their car. According to the Bee, one of them says “I’m gonna hit him!” while the other responds “go for it!”

“Here we have the mindset of the officers,” said family attorney John Burris. “We have the officers saying clearly what’s on their minds.”

Now Burris is calling on Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Shubert to prosecute the two officers involved under state murder charges.

“You don’t get to shoot somebody because they don’t drop the knife if they are 27 feet away!” Burris exclaimed.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s office protocol is “to conduct an independent review of all officer-involved shooting incidents that result in injury or death.” But that review does “not consider issues of civil liability, tactics and departmental policies and procedures.”

“If the Sac PD and the DA office is not gonna do their job, then allow somebody else to do the job they’re scared to do!” Robert Mann said.

On Friday, Burris sent a letter to the U.S. District Attorney’s office asking them to investigate police use of a car as a weapon and to prosecute the officers for a federal criminal civil rights violation.

“This is outrageous conduct and there has to be a price to pay for this,” Burris said.

When CBS13 reached out to the city attorney’s office, we received this statement: “The DA is currently conducting the independent criminal investigation and they will advise of any criminal findings. We welcome appropriate review by any state or federal law enforcement authority.”

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  1. Jᴏᴇ dɪ Mᴀᴛᴛᴇᴏ says:

    Interesting, every black who’s recently resisted arrest was reportedly suffering from some unspecified mental problems…

  2. will says:

    lol you saw cops doing this on scariest police chases all the time. one guy trying to get away with his car cop behind him car going the other direction cop shoots him says he was afraid for his life. ole sheriff what’s his name john something says look he is trying to ram the cop car but its the cops car heading for the truck. just a couple examples. my opinion is yea we need gun control IN THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS. no police officer should be allowed to carry on his person lethal weapons. now don’t get me wrong have them in the trunk were they can be accessed if needed. there are police in other countries who only carry stun guns. our police should follow the same route. yea they have to put themselves in harms way but it is and always has been part of the job description. also hiring only military trained personnel lol lets think about this a soldier is trained to kill without any second thought. in the old days police departments trained they on why don’t they do this now I mean when you apply they wont even look at your app unless you have a military back ground these days so why is this. and one more thing just because I cant remember whats his names name lol I have friends I have known for most of my life an the only name I know for them is dude (for guys) an girl or sweet heart (for the ladies) lol in other words I don’t do names which of course has had me head butting with cops many times. I almost went to jail once cause a girl I knew saw me an flagged me down they thought she was working an I was picking her up. the only thing that saved us was I remembered all the places she had lived since we met. sorry for the long statement but all the police abuse of they authority is a sour subject to me I lost my respect for the police 30 years ago and I tell my kids to avoid them due to fact they cant tell the difference between a pellet rifle and a 22 from 30 feet even though I can from three block (which is to far away to use a hand gun against) nope I think they are dangerous to the general population this includes whites as well those of you who think its only blacks well im sorry but you need to pay closer attention . good luck everyone and when your stopped by a cop lock your doors as you get out he now needs a search warrant to enter that bs thing about probable cause doesn’t work for a locked vehicle. again sorry for the long page

    1. YouAreAnIDIOT says:

      You are a f u c k i n g R E T A R D! Please, go kill yourself.

  3. NoNegros says:

    I’m sure he was just heading to the hospital to perform surgery…what else would a negro have a knife for?

  4. NoNegros says:

    So glad there’s no c o o n s in my neighborhood.

  5. LiberalsSucksDirtyAss says:

    Spics, coons, muslims…always the same players, always the same problems.

  6. YouAreAnIDIOT says:

    Good shoot! That’s called Crime Prevention.

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