By Steve Large

TURLOCK (CBS13) – The president of CSU Stanislaus and the chancellor’s office are monitoring racially-charged fliers that have recently been going up on campus.

The campus controversy centers on Stanislaus State student Nathan Damigo after he launched a campaign at dozens of colleges to recruit members for his new self-proclaimed “pro-white” advocacy group called Identity Europa, passing out stickers out.

He showed one to CBS13.

“It says let’s become great again,” Damigo said. “It’s very much a message of empowerment to people of European heritage.”

The group is only open to whites.

Damigo also has his own website that includes videos he describes as radical views opposing diversity.

He maintains he is not a white supremacist.

CBS13’s Steve Large asked Damigo on camera, “do you condemn white supremacy speech? Do you condemn hate speech? Do you condemn these types of ideas?” Damigo responded, “I mean, you would have to define what you mean by white supremacy or hate speech.”

In response to Damigo’s recruiting, a group called Northern California Anti-Racist Action posted flyers reading, “A warning to the public, known white supremacist, and violent offender in a hate crime, Nathan Damigo is currently enrolled at CSU Stanislaus.”

“Whoever made it was exhibiting stalking behavior,” Damigo said. “Which is completely unacceptable.”

Damigo admits he served time for armed robbery but says he was not convicted of a hate crime.

“When I came back from Iraq I was dealing with a lot of issues,” Damigo said.

CSU Stanislaus President issued a statement Wednesday saying she can’t and won’t stop the campus controversy.

The statement read in part, “we cannot withdraw or suppress the viewpoints of others that do not violate the law or campus policy.”

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  1. Russel James says:

    Black Power! >> Ok
    Brown Pride! >> Ok
    Asian Pride! >> Ok


    Wake up, sheeple.

  2. Frank Mat says:

    this man handing out fliers, causing no harm and has 1st amendemnt right, chastised by the media nd the school dictator
    but the BLM movement, burning out merchants, beating up on people, throwing rocks and the police, media claim to be peaceful protest and the violence caused by splinter groups, sorry folks SMH

  3. At least they’re not looting and burning the local CVS store, or shooting at police, like the terrorists at B.L.M.

  4. White guy says:

    “racially charged”? Is BLM “racially charged”?

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