By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In case the proposed recreational legislation passes this November, some cannabis advocates are positioning themselves to influence forming California’s marijuana’s regulations.

This week, the medical marijuana field is holding a certification to make sure it stays ahead of the curve. The training is not just for regulators or industry leaders, but even small business owners hoping to start on the ground floor.

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“We’re just a startup company,” said new business owner Tatum Trantham.

Trantham’s business is such a start-up, he’s yet to pick a name for his Grass Valley cannabis company. He’s one of several people in the classroom and online attending the free workshop put on by the non-profit Americans for Safe Access to Medical Marijuana.

The group is hosting a patient focused certification program. If Californians pass the marijuana initiative this November, they want to have a voice in forming its regulations.

“There’s one rule about products in the Unites States, and if people are going to be eating them or consuming them it has to tested for certain safety perimeters,” said Jahan Marcu with Americans For Safe Access.

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From cannabis growth to consumption, Americans for Safe Access claims to already have legislative influence in Washington D.C. and Maryland.

“For instance in Maryland, we train the inspectors going in to cannabis operations to access product safety requirements and regulatory compliance,” Marcu said.

Tatum is hoping this certification workshop will help him cultivate and grow a strong and compliant cannabis business.

“Hopefully we can be compliant,” Trantham said. “We still want to be by the book so we can maintain the product for the patient in a timely manner.”

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The patient-first cannabis training is taking place at the Sutter Square Galleria on K Street. It’s open to the public and runs through Friday.