EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies jumped into action to take care of a child who was abandoned after a traffic stop on Wednesday.

Deputies pulled over Matthew Nevieux, who fled from cops shortly after he was stopped. Nevieux has two felony warrants for his arrest.

But more importantly, he had a toddler in the car that he left behind. While deputies continued the search for him, they jumped in and took care of her.

Source: El Dorado County Sheriff's Office

Source: El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office

While waiting for Child Protective Services, they warmed the child in a vehicle and used a rubber glove to entertain her.

Nevieux is still on the run.

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  1. Jes-e says:

    you need to get updated information as CPS does not have this child, the mother does. and the child is and was not in any harm or danger.

  2. RJ says:

    Also, there was no actual stop. No lights, sirens or communication from El Dorado Sheriffs department. A little surprising that the common folk no more about this then the journalists that are publishing the story. Well, there went my faith in CBS as an unbiased news outlet.

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