VACAVILLE (CBS13) – A pet waste problem on a trail off Nut Tree Road has neighbors upset. They want the piles picked up and the smell gone.

“It’s like, ‘Hey I put it in the bag,’ then half of it’s done, but they don’t finish it,” said Dallas Sevison, who said it’s a problem all over the place, not just on this trail.

Some dog owners think the city should do more to clean up the mess.

“There needs to be a trashcan there absolutely,” said James Maniates of Vacaville.

But others believe it’s the owner’s responsibility to pick up after their pet.

“I finished the 5K with it on me. I can jog holding one, somebody could walk or hike or bike,” said Alicia Warman of Vacaville.

The trail has a box with baggies for pet waste, but no nearby trash can to toss it out.

“Common sense to put a receptacle right underneath that you could weld it to the gate,” said Sevison.

Either way, the poop has been piling up making responsible pet owners mad.

“It was nice of them to even put the bags up because not everyone puts bags out,” said Summer Wary while out at the dog park.

City of Vacaville spokesman said this is the first he’s heard of the stinking mess and couldn’t confirm why there’s no trash can. Meanwhile, they encourage people to report the problem so public works crews can clean it up.

But mostly pet owners say to clean it up yourself.

“It’s what happens when you decide to be a fur parent,” said Warman.

Not only will fellow dog owners shame you, but the city of Vacaville could slap you with a fine.

No word yet on if there will be a trash can put in place.