By Jason Ross

That date is significant at least going into Tuesday night as that is the last time that the Sacramento Kings won in Miami.

The Kings have lost 14 consecutive games in Miami against the Heat and have only won three times ever while in South Beach.

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That may not seem like a long time but just to put it into perspective here are some things to remind you about the length of time since that last win for the Kings in Miami:

-Hillary Clinton who is currently running for President just got out of the White House earlier that year as Bill Clinton finished his time as the 42nd President.

-24, Scrubs, and The Bernie Mac Show all just made their debuts as television series in 2001.

-Oceans 11, Monsters Inc and Harry Potter just came out in the movie theaters.

-The NBA only had 4 divisions and not 6 like they do now.  They had 29 teams and not the 30 that they do now.

-The Brooklyn Nets were in New Jersey, Charlotte was the Hornets but not the current version.  This was before they left for New Orleans, and also before Charlotte turned into the Bobcats and now are back to being the Hornets.  The Pelicans of New Orleans weren’t even close to existing.  Ok, that totally confused me.

-Seattle had the SuperSonics and there was no Thunder in OKC.

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-Michael Jordan’s highest profile teammate was Christian Laettner as they played together for the Washington Wizards.

-Isaiah Thomas was coaching a Pacers team with Artest, Reggie Miller, Brad Miller and Jalen Rose

-Patrick Ewing was on the Orlando Magic (What?)

-The Kings were still 6 months away from playing their historic Western Conference Finals series against the Lakers

-Adelman, Musselman, Theus, Natt, Westphal, Smart, Malone, Corbin, Karl and now Joerger have all coached the team since then.

-Arco hadn’t switched to Power Balance, or Sleep Train and nobody thought Golden 1 was even remotely a possibility.

-The Monarchs were still four years away from winning their championship

-Kings rookie George Papagiannis was four years old, four!

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So as you can see the Kings are more than due. Even though these things are fun for me to look up, let’s hope that tonight this long streak comes to an end.