NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) – A technical glitch at a polling place in North Highlands has some voters feeling uneasy about whether their vote will be counted.

According to the assistant registrar of voters in Sacramento County, one of the scanners at Highlands High School malfunctioned this morning, causing ballots to be placed into a special box instead of being placed directly through the scanner.

County officials say every scanner goes through rigorous accuracy testing before an election. But they have a backup plan if there is a malfunction.

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“The backup process is to hold all those voter ballots into a secure auxiliary bin. Then at the end of the night, in a public process, we will take those ballots and feed them through the working scanner,” said Alice Jarboe, Assistant Registrar of Voters in Sacramento County.

Jarboe says there are more than 20 tech crews circulating around Sacramento County today to handle glitches. She says voting at all 548 polls around the county has been smooth so far.

There’s no estimated time for when the scanner at Highlands High will be back up and running.

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  1. Over and over all over the country, Democrat shenanigans at its finest. Democrats can’t win without cheating.

  2. the same thing happened in Boca Raton, Florida this morning!

  3. I see lots of voting stat data…but who is keeping track of the illegal alien votes?

  4. Maggie Allen says:

    It happened in Downey, Los Angeles County also !

  5. North Highlands has a Republican representative in the state legislature. Those ballots just might find their way into a shredder if the election on a partisan state issue is close.

  6. Glenwood School in Thousand Oaks, CA had the same problem today.

  7. scotttalks9511 says:

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  8. Matthew Jura says:

    Had the same issue in Fresno at a polling station. They put mine with the provisional ballots and the vote by mail ballots that were being handed in. They handled it very carefully and I do not have any reason to believe that my vote will not be counted. I could tell that the poll workers were invested in the process and were genuine about getting my vote counted.

    This is not to say that voter fraud never happens. I just think that sometimes minor mistakes and glitches happen. I was there for 3 minutes while they tried to get my ballot submitted normally and a lot of other people were going through with no problem.

  9. This exact thing happened to me at my voting location in Reseda!

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