FOLSOM (CBS13) — Parents of a Sutter Middle School teen filed a formal complaint with the district claiming a teacher used racially charged and inappropriate language in a lesson plan.

“One of the kids raised their hand and asked the teacher for an example of equality for what equality meant,” said the teens father, Tyrie McIntyre. “The teacher said equality, such as if you were to hang one black person, you would have to hang all black people and that’s equality.”

The example upset their son Tyler, who was the only black student in the classroom.

“Embarrassed, it definitely made him feel like a frog in the classroom,” said his mom Victoria.

The school launched an investigation into the alleged statement used by middle school teacher. The teacher admitted to the district that he made the comment in class but defended it.

“The teacher’s intended context was in the history of the classroom lesson around states treatment of certain individuals under the constitution,” said Daniel Thigpen, spokesman for the district.

The father said it doesn’t matter what the context of the example was, it should’ve never been said.

“I think it was ignorant. I think that it’s selfish, unnecessary, unacceptable,” Tyrie said.

The district’s spokesman said the situation has been addressed, so this doesn’t happen again.

“We expect that teachers will sometimes use provocative language, but we also expect that they’re not going to use culturally insensitive language that could be hurtful to others,” he said.

The McIntyres said that doesn’t excuse what happened.

“They’re young and impressionable and they’re relying on responsible adults to teach them properly and that’s not what’s happening with his teacher unfortunately,” Tyrie.

A spokesman with the school district said that teacher has been spoken to, but by law the district is unable to disclose any potential disciplinary actions, as it’s a personnel matter.

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  1. I think it was ignorant. I think that it’s selfish, unnecessary, unacceptable,” Tyrie said. I’m saying you’re wrong. It’s beyond stupid. The teacher supposedly has an education, so you can’t use ignorant, it’s stupid. Stupid can’t be fixed. Fire this stupid byotch. That’s how you address this issue.

  2. Jennifer McGraw, this is some horrible reporting. Don’t take the district’s word for it that this is a “personnel matter”! This is a statement made in a classroom full of kids. The least you can do is figure out the teacher’s name and print it. It’s news! You’re a reporter! That’s your job! And then you can file an open records request – it’s a public agency and their records belong to the public. The public deserves to know whether the district is taking appropriate action about this or not. At this time in our history, it’s especially important that you, the news media, stop just uncritically parroting whatever officials tell you and start doing some independent investigation. Figure out the news and report it!

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