24-hour diners provide customers with the ability to eat delicious food or satisfy specific cravings anytime of the day. In some cases, these diners are the backdrop for an evening out with friends, the perfect place for a meal after working the graveyard shift, or even a quick coffee and bite to eat before heading into work during the early hours. If you are looking for Sacramento’s best 24 hour diners then check out these fine establishments on our list.
Original Mel’s Diner
3000 J St.
Sacramento, CA, 95816
(916) 444-6357

The Original Mel’s Diner is a California institution that first opened in 1947. Despite a few down years, this 24 hour diner has provided Californians a 50’s themed eating experience throughout Northern California. Its claim to fame is a supporting role in the hit movie “American Graffiti” in 1972. This diner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner menus all day long. Additionally, they have specials, appetizers, desserts and more. Located in Mid-Town, the Original Mel’s Diner is a beloved restaurant throughout Sacramento.

Silver Skillet Diner
2828 El Centro Road
Sacramento, CA, 95833
(916) 927-7395

Located in the Sacramento 49 Travel Plaza near I-80 and I-5, this 24-hour diner offers home-style cooking in a relaxed atmosphere. Silver Skillet Diner is a full service establishment with breakfast, lunch and dinner menus around the clock.  Their meals are reasonably priced and the personal service harkens back to the days when mom and pop diners were the preferred choice. In addition to the locals, this diner has been serving truckers, travelers and farmers since 1972.

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Original Perry’s
7895 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA, 95823
(916) 423-1103

Original Perry’s has been serving the Sacramento area since 1968. Founded by a husband and wife, this 24 hour diner continues to provide customers with home cooked meals, friendly service, and a comfortable environment. Today’s owner was a bus boy during the early years of Original Perry’s, and he keeps the traditions alive that this region has come to love.  With budget friendly meals served around the clock, it’s easy to see why Original Perry’s continues to be a cherished local establishment. It’s a true example of a mom and pop diner that has all the charm of yesteryear.

Sharis Restaurant
960 Florin Road
Sacramento, CA, 95831
(916) 422-0366

Shari’s is a family dining establishment open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It’s a nice blend of diner, café and restaurant. Their friendly service, wide range of meals and wonderful environment as earned Shari’s a loyal following. With roughly 100 locations, customers can enjoy Shari’s just about anywhere along the West Coast. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, Shari’s also has appetizers and Kids menus. Perhaps, the one thing that makes Shari’s stand out from the rest is their pies. From classic and gourmet to your favorite seasonal pie, Shari’s mouthwatering desserts leave a lasting impression with the customers.

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