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Have you ever thought: “If my favorite NBA player was a Thanksgiving food, what would they be?”

Whether that sounds like the most ridiculous question ever to you, or it’s something you have genuinely thought about since last Thanksgiving, the answers are listed below.

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Turkey – LeBron James

The best thing about turkey is that it can be eaten in a ton of different ways. It’s incredibly versatile.

You can oven-roast it, fry it, or cook it with a chicken and duck. Maybe you like to eat the dark meat, or you might be a fan of the light meat. You can eat it with gravy or even put your mashed potatoes on it. And who doesn’t love leftover turkey sandwiches the next day?

LeBron James is the most versatile player in the NBA. He has the body and strength of a power forward with the quickness and agility of a point guard. He’s one of the leagues best passers, rebounders and scorers. He has a great chance to go for a triple-double every time he hits the court.

He is the main course and attraction of the NBA.

Stuffing – DeMarcus Cousins

In a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, the stuffing has the biggest highs and lows. If made properly, it can steal the entire meal. The stuffing can easily be the highlight. However, if one tiny thing is wrong with the stuffing, it can be the worst food on the dinner table.

The stuffing doesn’t need to be fancy. Just put the basics in it, cook it well, and it should come out delicious. If the stuffing is too over the top, it may be the only thing remaining on the table at the end of the night.

The similarities with Cousins is evident. When Cousins is on his game, and not getting in his own way, he is one of the most dominating and talented forces in the NBA. There’s no doubt Cousins is one of the top players in the NBA, but his attitude over the years has held him back.

If he can just do the things his team needs him to do, he has the skill to be the anchor of the team.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy – Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson

The mashed potatoes and gravy are the dynamic duo of Thanksgiving dinner. They are a perfect fit together. The mashed potatoes and gravy aren’t flashy. It’s a very basic side during dinner, but they always get the job done.

Stephen Curry is the main attraction of the Splash Brothers, which makes him the mashed potatoes, but Klay Thompson adds the extra oomph, making him the gravy.

You can settle for having just mashed potatoes alone, but the gravy puts it over the top. The Warriors can win with just Curry putting up points, but when Thompson gets hot as well, the team is nearly unstoppable.

Curry and Thompson combine to make the best back court in the NBA.

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Cranberry Sauce – Anthony Davis

The cranberry sauce is the one part of the meal you never really crave before the holiday. It’s never given a whole lot of thought until you take that first bite and remember how much you love it.

Maybe it’s because it doesn’t look like the most appealing food, or it could be because it gets overshadowed by the turkey and mashed potatoes, but it’s one of the most underrated foods of Thanksgiving.

Anthony Davis is an outstanding talent in the NBA, but he always gets overlooked. His team over the last few seasons has been awful but he always puts up big numbers when he is healthy.

He’s the player you don’t really think about when talking about the best players in the NBA until the New Orleans Pelicans come to town and you realize how good Davis actually is.

Yams – Dwyane Wade

Yams, much like the cranberry sauce, is never the highlight of Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s always one of the more popular dishes on the dinner table.

They’re sweet, but it’s not exactly dessert. They make a great bridge between the main course and the dessert. Yams can’t really be eaten as a stand alone dish, but when you pair them up with the rest of the Thanksgiving foods, it just works.

Dwyane Wade has always been a very good player in the NBA. He’s an NBA Champ, Olympic Gold Medalist and has been an All-Star in almost every year he has been in the NBA.

However, Wade has never been the best player on the teams which had a lot of success. His first championship in Miami was with Shaquille O’Neal and his second and third championship teams were carried by LeBron James.

Wade is a great talent, but he needs another superstar to win.

Pumpkin Pie – Kevin Durant

If the Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t amazing enough all on its own, the pumpkin pie will put the meal over the top. The dinner already had everything it needed to be great, but why not throw in a little dessert to cap it off?

The pumpkin pie can easily be the highlight by itself, but it’s the combination of the main course and dessert which makes Thanksgiving dinner one of the best meals of the year.

I think everyone knows where this is going…

The Golden State Warriors had everything they needed to be a dynasty in the NBA. They had a complete team filled with All-Star players, but the addition of Kevin Durant puts that team way over the top.

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They are the NBA’s next super team. Did the Warriors necessarily need Durant to win another championship? Probably not. But who could possibly turn down signing one of the best players in the NBA?