A Tom Hanks fan got a special surprise from the actor after she sent him a sketchbook full of drawings.

Denise Esposito is an artist and apparently a Tom Hanks superfan. Recently, she filled a Moleskin full of sketches of Hanks’ different movie characters.

According to SFGate.com, Esposito somehow managed to deliver the sketchbook to Hanks’ PR people when he was in Rome for a film festival.

Hanks, after seeing the artwork, went out of his way to meet Esposito.

However, it wasn’t he last time she would hear from him.

Tuesday, Esposito announced that she had gotten a big delivery at her door. The shipment was from Tom Hanks; inside was a signed typewriter (he is apparently a big fan of typewriters).

Esposito got this special shipment at her doorstep.

Esposito got this special shipment at her doorstep.


“When a gesture is worth a thousand words.. and this man really left me speechless,” Esposito wrote on her Facebook page.

Hanks, who attended Sacramento State for two years, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Tuesday.